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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dust and Decay

Decay and dead moths especially might not seem the most enthralling things to photograph, but i saw some work the other week in a mag i purchased, it was a brief look as Jen borrowed the magazine before i read it and i haven't seen it since ;) .. anyhow i really liked how the photographer had gone peering into another life, in to spiders webs and dark holes to capture what lives there. it got me
playing with decay. and Black and white.
 thinking and got me looking at the stuff thats left lying around, the small details. how they might look in the form we brush away and mop up. behind the vases on the window sill and the dust on the top shelf. 
so a little macro play while i still had Jens Tamron, do i want one.... yes defo want a macro lens next.. 


added textures and effect on Black and white to dramatise image.

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