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Saturday, 5 May 2012

the end of another week!

Yeap its saturday!!!! (woohoo) we survived the f2.8 challenge unscathed and personally i liked that it reconnected me with the old 35mm lens. Its been lost in my kit bag of late :( anyhow, its easy to overlook old toys when you buy new shiny and its a real shame cos she is so sharp and pretty colours and makes a great lens just to walk about with.

anyhow, after a small debate and reflection on the great critique at the Sosban Trophy on wednesday (llanelli LPS won btw) we decided to use some of the information we received as our challenge for this week. So 'Red' is the theme, why? well we learn that are eyes will always pick out red colours in an image, and that we therefore have to be very car full how we place it, the smallest amount can draw the eye and distract or make a photo. But we didn't state any more then 'Red' so it doesn't have to be about placing red in the image, it could be the emotion or response to the word, anything that makes an association with 'Red'.

steve! x

oh and as i was bored thursday i put together a little video of my 366 from January and February, accompanied by the whispering delights of Radiohead's, Weird Fishes.. enjoy

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