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Sunday, 13 May 2012

What no 366?

hi Guys, we have decided to stop posting the 366 here every day, just our favourites. :( Why?

well it seems that the original idea of the blog has become lost and filled with snaps, not stories of adventures and our work we found interesting, so alas we will send you to the main site where all the people in our club are sharing! please take the time to look and comment there, and to follow our journeys here too...

365 blog, llanelli photographic society!

in the meantime! yesterday Jen and I went out to the black mountains  with the intention to swap lens, Tamron 90mm for me and 10-20mm Sigma  for Jen! how did it go, well fair to say we both left our comfort zone. i found the reach of the 90mm really hard to adjust to, and couldn't see a shot at all, the flattening effects on the country side didn't work with out a feature to pull on to, and i just couldn't get the macro shots with the breeze!

it was a great play though and I loved the challenge, I'm sure there are shots that I will reach to borrow this lens for sure, but the vastness of the black mountains isn't one!

having played on this road on the bike its quite scary to see the edge from this angle!

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