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Thursday, 21 June 2012

always a bridesmaid never a bride!

Well, not quite.. But anyhow a second place for me with the 'unspoken word' print last night and nothing for the 'long wait' image! the critique was great, artistically minded not simply photographically minded and an emotional response as much as a technical one. I really enjoyed this kinda approach (but then both my images had pleasant feedback so that helped! :)
of course theres always new things to learn and rules to be applied and any artist brings a few of there own or a few of there own approaches to theses rules, some thing quite different to take into consideration. I also had some interesting advice about how to help make the prints 'pop' more so have been keen to play with that..

In the meantime heres a taster of this weeks 366 black and white theme!


As for mine, it didnt come in the top 6 but i am not disapointed. As Steve has said the critique was great and a lovely change from the techical critique we usually have. So here is my image from this comp

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