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Monday, 18 June 2012

Reflection from the weekend

The first Alice in Wonderland shoot did not go to plan as the equipment we were meant to borrow was not available and our model was sick. But after all the prep we put in we decided to go ahead and shoot each other, this was to be a learning practice as well as a project that we have taken on.

The first lesson that we learnt was that for a shoot we need the extra pair of hands (seeing as we were both models we didnt have that). Lesson number two, flash guns are a good source of light to boost or help enhance the light you have, but are NOT good as a primary sources of light. Lesson three, white background is hard to knock out if you dont have the required strength of light from your flash.

But after all that I think that we have both got good shots... maybe not as good as we had hoped ,but good all the same. So here are some shots form the weekend and the start of a little collection (we will still have our day with our lovely model).


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