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Monday, 30 July 2012

the 366, and no theme!

something old and wonderful at furnace pond
given the lensbaby treatment!

and someone new, a piece from the start of our commissioned works maybe.
the lovely Abi in Parc Howard gardens.
and the lovely 35mm f1.8, sharp as a pin!
sorry folks its been a quiet old week... but we had a commissioned piece of work which has been waiting for the sun, so we managed to sort that on sunday, Also a cancellation from the model who was under the weather unfortunately, but never mind that gives us more time to work the image.. :) 

I really enjoyed the sunday shot mind. Catching Abi at play was quite a challenge she didn't like to make eye contact and was keen to cling to mam, who'd blame her eh, two strangers with cameras click click click at her! anyway a great day and I think the shots were worth it. it was great to get the 35mm out of the kit bag once again, its a special bit of kit which never seizes to impress, especially for children's portraits where its so bright, vibrant and pin sharp! its just the perfect focal length too.

steve. :)

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