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Monday, 30 April 2012

the 'NEW" 366 challenge

So as promised the new 366 challenge. Every week monday to friday me and Jen will set ourselves an additional challenge to spice up the 366. This week...

The f2.8 challenge... So what does this mean?

f2.8 is when the aperture is wide open on Jens tamron, doesn't exist on Steves sigma 10-20 and its not quite fully open on the 35m (which does f1.8). when the aperture is open to its widest setting it forces the camera to have to use a very quick shutter speed (light depending) which in turn creates very little depth of field. (very little sharp area) so if we are to use this setting our pictures will be not be able to be great expanses of focused glory (no landscape shots then) and macro shots will have to be focused very well other wise the wrong bit will be in focus and the centre attraction blurred.

so... this means that we will have to really think about the shot we choose, and also the light we use to create it, no cheating this week!!

Pics to follow later..


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