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Sunday, 4 March 2012

A day in focus

With Llanelli photographic society we traveled up to Birmingham to the Focus On Imaging event being held there once a year (This is a camera expo). It's out first time and we were uncertain on what would develope during the day, we even looked throught the program a few times and jotted down any displays or speakers that were to be there (which wasn't followed what so ever). I found this place to be clostophobic warm and full of dreams, dreams meaning all the things I can't afford, meh. Now Steve on the other hand, tired and worn out has had a grin on his face as he has bought his dream lens on offer today, the sigma 10-20mm . Yes folks the one he has been on about for quite some time. One happy boy. Jennyxx

Just my sixpence worth then! dreams and gadgets, lots if ideas but also a reality check! there was some fab toys there, it was great to see where DSLR and camera tech is going and great to see some offers! if I'm honest it was to geared to the professional market, lots of frames and print people that held no interest, but alas a new toy! 10mm madness coming your way soon! i wish i had felt 100% there, but like Jen said very clostrophobic there, and the first hour or so was just a battle of wills! anyhow next time i go, i will hope to take many more savings and a bank loan!!! mwhahahaha (oh and more food, dried chips and cardboard rolls, uck!)

heres a little image from the day, hand held long expose too.  Jennyxx

Focus-on-imaging @ birmingham

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