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Saturday, 17 March 2012

not happy, but lovely night!

I'm not very happy with myself tonight. I wanted this shot for days, so with the sky firing up off we womble to see what we could see!

so why am I not happy..

 Idea...well my plan was to get on to the jetty and get the rotten wood slats sprawled out in front of me! using the 10mm this would give a great perspective shot!

reality...I couldn't get on the jetty and instead of looking for another shot that I could get, I kept firing away sticking with the 10mm and missing the potential, so what I have is a jetty thats lost in the middle of the picture with no real composition.

well I have learnt a lesson or at least learnt to recognise where I go wrong, need to go back and take time to look around! instead of snap snap snap!!!

steve :(

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