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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

looking down the short end of a fish tank!

ok, it aint very good or clever, but I'm tired and am not gonna fight it tonight, so 'looking down  the short end of a fish tank' is what you got!! tmrw it will be better I will have more time and more oomph I promise.

the problem with this 366 task is that theres no day off! never, not for another 299 days anyhow! and frankly some days you just wanna take a pic and get on with crashing on the sofa... I would have loved this pic to have worked and with some more time and commitment it would I'm sure so perhaps a revisit.

so what was i saying about no excuse! well none made, sorry tomorrow will be better!

BTW no silverware for me tonight in the comp either! :( I hope it wasn't beginners luck, I think I need to step it up abit

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