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Thursday, 8 March 2012

now what was i here for!!!!

In case you have been living under a rock or have just joined us on this merry journey, you might have heard me mention (and be bored of hearing it) that I got a new sigma 10-20mm lens! Well this is what it does best, oddles of character, perspective thats stretched for ever and awesome colours and sharpness, it really is a great lens. I had three pics for tonight all lovely (in my humble opinion), but this one won, why... cos I'm not going to ask if I can crawl around a car wash in the dark every night for your or my entertainment! My life may be bland but theres better kicks to be had!
This pic of course has been edited using only the finest and easily abused software programs the dearest Topaz, loved and hated By many in equal proportion its just so easy to go, "oh wow look at that" and walk away. I hope I'm not doing that, I have used two effects on this and layered them and painted the effects in  and out respectively to try and bring the grit and darkness to this photo that I saw among the shiny billboards and logos. I hope its worked and I hope you'll tell me either way by leaving a comment or looking at the flickr account and leaving a comment there? This editing is a very new game to me and getting it right makes a picture wrong and it trashes it! time will tell what I'm doing I'm sure

thanks poppels!


(of course the car still needs washing doesn't it! I knew I forgot something!)

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