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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

loving the editing side to photography

These days its not the darkroom you need to make your picture, its the computer side. People seem to think you cheat if you edit the picture on the computer but if you shoot in raw this is not true. Before the days of digital you had your dark room and carefully mixed chemicals to bring out what you can in the picture and this took time and patiance.
If  you shoot a pitcure in JPEG format the camera has already made the ajustments to the pic to bring out the best of what is there for you, making it vibrant and sharp with out you having any control over it (darkroom done for you). RAW format is in the name, its a raw image unadjusted. So taking the time and patience just like in a darkroom can be beneficial to the end result of your image. And in my opinion that is fine for photography as long as you dont replace or alter something that isn't necessarily there to begin with. I love this side to photography, this is my evenings and I find it better than watching tv :).


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